Be the director of your own life.

And of the best film ever.

The International Short Film Festival Detmold (ISFF) is an annual event taking place in the beautiful town of Detmold, showcasing a variety of high-quality short films from around the globe. In 2020, the ISFF will celebrate its 16th anniversary. The happening has become a fixture of fascinating cultural events being held in the region of Ostwestfalen-Lippe. The renowned film event brings together filmmakers and film fans from the entire world in the heart of Detmold.
From 2002 onwards, "Kultur & Art Initiative" has been organizing the event in "Hangar 21". This year, we're glad to announce the ISFF Detmold takes place in Stadthalle (town hall) located in the heart of the city, right between Detmold Castle and Landestheater Detmold.
The ISFF Detmold is dedicated to high-quality films by creative filmmakers from all around the world. Each year, more than approx. 3,000 short films from about 80 countries in the world are submitted to the festival. The ISFF Detmold is happy to cooperate with schools and has thus been able to present a selection of short films for kids in previous years.

New edition. New location.

For many years in a row, the International Short Film Festival Detmold was held in „Hangar 21“. Yet, this year it’s time for the festival to move to another location and, that way, move even closer to the audience. In 2020 we are celebrating the ISFF Detmold in Stadthalle Detmold (town hall) in the very center of the city. The audience doesn’t have to move closer, though, as Stadthalle Detmold offers a huge number of seats for all filmmakers and film fans enjoying films together.

We’re looking forward to welcoming you and experience both short films and various other art forms together – both classical and multimedia!

Come and watch films with us.

Even if you’re not able to see.

The International Short Film Festival Detmold prides itself on showing films for everyone – and made by those who are among the best in their field. What's more: We're screening barrier-free films for all visitors and filmmakers suffering from hearing or vision impairments – and thus enable them to take part in cultural life. During our festivals, we come together with people from different countries, celebrating diversity and our differences together. The audio descriptions and subtitles make it possible for handicapped people to join us and enjoy short films together with their loved ones and new friends they make during the festival. Inclusion to us means a lot, and this inclusiveness is within our mission.

We're happy to share with you that during festivals, there are always co-productions of people from different nations – just like non-handicapped people teaming up with handicapped people to create magnificent short films together. The short movies produced by our participants are presented in ISFF Festival Detmold along with the songs and music created in workshops such as Beats to Think.That way, the ISFF Festival Detmold brings forth the creative potential of the people living in the beautiful region of Ostwestfalen-Lippe.

Talent abounds when creative people from around the world come together to create art in the residential city.

More about barrier-free films

All kinds of films.

For all kinds of people.

The International Short Film Festival celebrates non-commercial short films of all kinds. We screen feature, documentary, experimental, arthouse, animated short films and beyond.
Some of the short films presented at the ISFF Detmold have already had great success at other international film festivals, whilst others have their  German or even world premier at the ISFF Detmold. All the short films being shown at the festival are great examples of thought-provoking, inventive and imaginative filmmaking. Only about one hundred to two hundred of the films submitted each year make it to the offical selection of the ISFF. Yours can be one of them!

Be a part of the art.

In addition to the short film screenings, the International Short Film Festival Detmold 2020 will be presenting various art and music events in the venue – with talented artists showcasing their works and art performances.

The events in the venue include interviews, podium discussions, art exhibitions, such as photography and video installations as well as sound-, light-, water-, laser- and music performances and on-site „street theater“.

Multimedia exhibitions

Films can be presented in multiple ways – and far beyond the screen. Experience it yourself!

Live music

Every year, we welcome both local and international musicians to the ISFF Detmold. We would be happy to welcome you, too!


During ISFF Detmold, acting might even take place outside the screen. Come watch our creative live shows on-site!

Art exhibitions

Let the paintings and photography widen your horizon. Come and see a huge variety of artists presenting their works!

Party hardy

We’re not only experts in filmmaking – we also know how to party. Come join us!


Feel free to take part in one of the various workshops we offer! Learn  to create your own short film in less than two weeks – or to produce your own music beats.

Submit your film now and become part of our festival