Beats to think – Workshop

A mutual musical encounter – unique and impactful
Beats, rhymes and melodies – the multicultural and barrier free workshop takes place for the second time and this year at the “Haus des Gastes”. The fusion of digital and analogue music production, voice and song writing coaching and team building activities was a full success which makes it inevitable to repeat it.

Central to this nationally matchless project is fostering equal opportunities for young people and cultural participation through creative experience. The participants spend 10 days (12–16 as well as 19–23 October) learning about how music production works, how they can unite it with their self-recorded samples and finally letting their individual and collective creativity flow.

Food will be provided as well as transport from and to the site. The workshop is open for everyone between the age of 18 and 27 who is interested in music production of all kinds. The team includes social workers, DJs, producers and vocalists. They focus on intercultural and inclusive mediation skills and barrier free access in order to make the project available to people who often come short in terms of cultural participation.

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