No limits. No barriers.

Every individual has the right to participate in cultural life.

Our minds are unlimited.. This is valuable both in creative work, as well as in dealing with all sorts of people with diverse backgrounds, pre-experiences and conditions. That limitlessness we cultivate in our minds is also true for the festival venue – Stadthalle Detmold (town hall) in the very heart of the city. It guarantees barrier-free accessibility.

No limits in our minds. No barriers in the venue.

Via audio descriptions and subtitles, we enable everyone to enjoy films.

Workshops for everyone.

The guideline of our work is  that every human being has the right to participate in cultural life. We offer “films for everyone” by enabling also the handicapped people to view short films together with their handicapped and non-handicapped family and friends. Selected film-blocks will be provided with audio descriptions for people suffering from vision impairments – and subtitles for those with hearing impairments, thus offering the unique opportunity to take part inclusively. We’re happy to announce that the site is barrier-free, which makes it easiliy accessible for everyone who wants to join – be they handicapped or non-handicapped. Everyone is invited to be a part of the art!

Audio description

Selected short films will be available with audio descriptions, which allow you to follow the film even without being able to see it on the screen.

CC subtitles

You have a hearing impairment? We hear you! Thanks to CC subtitles, you can follow the film without being able to hear.

Easy access

Our festival is barrier-free. That is even true beyond the screen. All workshops and on-site events within the festival are easily accessible for everyone.

How does it work? How will we realise it?

Explanation in sign-language: