An Opportunity

Due to the pandemic we had to postpone ISFF Detmold 2020 into the fall. What do we do with the time gained? We are using it to create a film festival of a dimension you never thought possible. This year’s edition is coming to you as close as it never was before – and be it into the comfort of your living room or wherever it is that you want to take part from!

As in the previous years, we are dedicated to creating a barrier-free, inclusive experience for everyone to be able to take part. That can be considered our major mission. Look forward to a festival that offers you numerous digital solutions and thus becomes more interactive than ever before!

We are getting hybrid!

Visit us on location or watch at home

It was already in 2018 that we came up with our very first trials in the area of Q&A sessions via video call. Currently we are working on emphazising bi-directional communication. We want the audience and the filmmakers to be able to see and hear each other – if they wish, that is. It is also possible to just hang out on your sofa in your pyjamas without being seen by anybody and to just enjoy films without interacting.

Our dream: All participants – no matter if they are taking part from the comfort of their own home or in situ in Stadthalle – are sharing a festival experience of the grandest kind! Not only are we streaming short films. The supporting acts, art exhibitions and Q&A sessions are going to be walk-on-able just as well. The world has never seen anything like this before!

Come join us on our common journey. We will see you in October – wherever you want!
Let’s skyrocket the art of experiencing short films and more!