Peter Gläsel School

Most of the films resulted in the context of the theatre/music/film activity of the Peter Gläsel Schule. This school focuses on the artistic creative aspect of learning. Students achieve cultural-technical skills conducting artistic projects. The explanatory film “Der Treibhauseffekt” provides a good example: a short stage play dealing amongst others with the issue of meat consumption as part of the school’s year theme “Global Goals”. The theatre educator Saskia Köhler collected the children’s ideas and helped them get the play on stage while Florian Stubenvoll took responsibility for musical guiding by rehearsing protest songs with the students and supporting them taking care of the sounds.

During the development, the children noticed that even though they wanted to point to the issue of the effects of meat consumption on global warming they were not sure what exactly that contained. This is how they decided to make an explanatory film with the help of media pedagogue Katinka Sasse.

While researching the topic for the film the students got a good look at it and deepened their understanding of certain facts and processes. At the same time the film gives the opportunity to share this information and the importance of the subject with other kids.